At the young age of five growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana, Vernell Johnson lost a toy car in the dark of night outside his childhood home when the entire neighborhood lost power due to a strong storm. Vernell eventually found the toy car the next day, but said to his mother, “if those tires had glowing strips on them, I could’ve found that car even without light.”

It was then that the idea for Night Glo was born in young Vernell Johnson’s head.

Years later, Vernell Johnson would patent the idea that struck him as a boy and bring to life the concept of his life saving safety tire – He would call it NIGHT GLO.

Vernell’s vision for Night Glo is to not only give the average consumer the simple ability to identify when it is time to change their tires, but to also save lives all over the world.

Vernell currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his loving wife Serena.