Night Glo is a revolutionary safety tire that imbeds a tread-wear indicator system in the rubber of a tire, which reveals a reflective strip that eventually turns into a colored, glow-in-the-dark, strip once the tread has worn down to unsafe driving levels. Night Glo is the simple solution for drivers worldwide to easily identify when it is time to replace their tires. Night Glo takes the guesswork out of tire change due to tread wear.

The Night Glo product also features key safety technology. If your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, other vehicles will easily identify the reflective strips of your Night Glo Safety Tire even in the pitch black of night or in the worst of weather conditions. Taillight goes out? Break light goes out? The reflective strips can still be seen.

The Night Glo tread-wear indicator product is a much-needed feature on every vehicle worldwide.

Welcome to the modern age of tire safety. It’s time to break free from the old treads and drive with confidence. Drive with Night Glo.